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Company with certified Quality Management System ISO 9001

Certificato Nr. 50 100 2164

FCA Supplier of the Year 2015
Podio Ferrari 2004
Premio Speciale del Presidente
Heinz Dürr Innovation Award 2002


General Quality Policy

Olpidürr S.p.A. manufactures industrial plants and equipment, and provides design, production and after-sale services for complete turn-key surface-cleaning and painting installations.

Olpidürr S.p.A. is a member of the Dürr Group and supplies worldwide customers with global solutions for the following product areas
  • Painting systems
  • Application systems for paints and coatings
  • Environmentally-safe cleaning systems
  • Conveyors and industrial system automation



In order to ensure consistent service and successful corporate business in the reference sector, Olpidürr S.p.A. management has committed to the following missions
  • Maintaining and consistently updating the corporate innovation and know-how
  • Fostering listening abilities and understanding customers' needs
  • Promoting efficient and profitable working methods
  • Upgrading the skills of all employees and improving teamwork abilities
  • Selecting dependable and competitive product and service suppliers



Olpidürr management and staff always process the customers' quality requirements in terms of improved organizational processes in the following areas
  • Technical accuracy in contract execution
  • Control and optimization of the contract costs
  • Compliance with contract times and deadlines
  • Quality of the raw materials and fabrications needed to manufacture the contract plant
  • Inbuilt system safety
  • Documentation, spare parts, start-up and plant management services
  • Safety in the workplace through our "Safety Management System at workplace SGSL" (see handbook MSGSL), which integrates with the Corporate Health and Safety of the Dürr Group



All Olpidürr functions and departments are daily committed to
  • Early detection and troubleshooting of any error or fault
  • Ongoing improvement of the own-work output and quality in order to avoid any unintentional transferring of problems to the downstream processes
  • Monitoring of all outsourced partners to make sure that they all deliver accurate performances in line with the corporate goals and requirements
  • Respects and enforces strict compliance with environmental rules and workplace safety requirements


Every Olpidürr division and function strives to comply with the corporate goals and to maximize customers' satisfaction at all contracts. For this reason, the company has set "ongoing improvement" as the number-one priority to increase the efficacy of its own quality management and control functions. 

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