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Excellence through cooperation and service.

DXQsupport offers customers an extensive service-package for operating and maintaining Dürr’s digital solutions. By assisting throughout the complete software lifecycle, availability, performance and quality are increased and maintained. The difficulty of maintaining a software solution is caused in a large part by the velocity at which the industry is changing. In order to keep up with this pace, regular updates and hotfixes are provided to ensure that the systems are up-to-date. However, the volatile nature of live production also requires constant monitoring and a quick response in case of a failures. Dürr keeps a team of experts available around-the-clock to monitor customer installations and respond quickly to ensure maximum availability. These services are enhanced by an extensive, modular training catalogue that empowers operators to access the full potential of their digital portfolio.

DXQsupport Benefits

  • Increased Performance, Quality, Availability and Security
  • One central hotline for all digital Solutions from Dürr
  • Regular updates ensure security and stability
  • Increased know-how through tailored trainings

Products of DXQsupport

Dürr’s digital hotline is the central point of contact for any critical events concerning the DXQ-Solutions. With direct access to system experts, a quick response time and an efficient disaster recovery are guaranteed. However, solving the problem is only the first step. Dürr’s digital hotline offers services beyond those of a traditional third level support. Regular system health checks, continuous database administration and dedicated ramp-up audits ensure that irregular behavior is caught before it is too late. Through a collaborative approach and continuous service improvement, the stability and performance of the system as well as the process are enhanced over time.


  • One hotline for all digital solutions
  • Direct access to third level system experts
  • Guaranteed response time
  • Extended Services (System Audits, Database Administration, Ramp-Up Assistance)


  • Quick disaster recovery
  • Increased availability and stability
  • Assistance during production modifications
  • Enhanced performance

In order to realize the full potential of the DXQ portfolio, Dürr offers a modular training system to qualify users and operators according to their daily business. Building on a user-focused operator training, the qualification of key-users creates a first point of contact in case of problems or questions about the systems. In order to enable a constant maintenance and monitoring of the system on-site, an administrator training builds on the previous know-how by providing specific information abut the system architecture, baseline performance and fault identification. This training is extended by the 2nd level support training, which qualifies a fully functional support team for incident and problem management through the customer. Alongside this main path various other trainings for system modification and operation are available.


  • Trainings tailored to daily business needs
  • Various qualification levels for operators and IT-Administrators
  • Extensive training options about system modifications


  • Maximum efficiency of operators and users
  • Quick response time in case of problems with local know-how
  • Customers can execute system modifications independently

The automotive production landscape is changing rapidly and so are the customer requirements and technologies related to the related software. Keeping up with this pace requires a regular interval at which hotfixes and updates are provided to existing installations. These updates are provided within maintenance contracts and assure that the customer installation has a current software version that ensures stability, performance and most importantly security for production.


  • Regular updates and hotfixes
  • Evaluation of security and automatic publishing of emergency fixes
  • Updated features through the regular release cycle


  • Security
  • Stability
  • Performance
  • New features