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One-stop shop for expertise: efficient exhaust air purification systems, industrial dryers, and specialty coating lines from Dürr

Bietigheim-Bissingen, 7 March 2019 – Most of the processes in the manufacturing industry require a lot of energy and generate emissions containing harmful substances. This is why sustainability is one of the central topics at ICE Europe 2019, the world’s leading exhibition for paper, film, and foil converting. Dürr is the world’s leading provider of systems for industrial exhaust air purification and will be presenting its entire range of technical solutions and efficient energy recovery. The product range has been greatly expanded with the acquisition of the environmental technology specialist, Megtec, and now also includes industrial dryers, as well as machines for coating battery electrodes. For the first time, the Group’s three brands Dürr, LTB (Luft- und Thermotechnik Bayreuth GmbH) and Megtec will exhibit together and showcase their solutions expertise as a one-stop shop for air pollution control.

At ICE, Dürr will be providing information about innovative technologies designed to help industrial companies comply with the statutory emission regulations confidently and above all, economically. The specifications of the planned new “Technical Instructions on Air Quality Control” regulation have also already been taken into consideration. The product portfolio is supplemented by drying and curing technologies for roll-to-roll and web-forming processes in the coating and printing industries. Dürr Megtec has more than 45 years of experience in this field, and is a pioneer in the development of patented flotation dryers and integrated dryers with oxidation systems. The range of industrial dryers covers standard configurations, as well as customized solutions for difficult process conditions, and includes a variety of dryer types including flotation, festoon, catenary, infrared and hybrid flotation, through-air, belt/conveyor-supported, and clean room. They can be designed for different heat sources, zone lengths, and nozzle configurations.

Advanced: coating systems for battery electrodes

Dürr Megtec will also showcase its expertise in the development and manufacture of advanced coating systems for lithium-ion battery electrodes, which are suitable for the mass production of current designs, as well as for the development of new materials. The systems improve the quality, cost-effectiveness, and marketability of battery electrodes. For example, Dürr Megtec’s simultaneous two-sided coating process coats both sides of electrode foil traveling horizontally. For light coat weights used in power cells, this tensioned-web method provides uniform coatings down to 20 g/m2 coat weight or loading with enough flexibility to also meet the needs of energy cells at coat weights up to more than 200 g/m2.

Custom: the right system for every requirement

Modern exhaust gas and exhaust air purification systems are used to purify process air polluted with solvents, hydrocarbons, plasticizers, or odors. Dürr, Megtec, and LTB offer various processes that are individually adapted to every printing, coating, and finishing process. The different system concepts and designs mean the right technology is available even for the most difficult application and installation scenario. The range includes both compact designs that are fully pre-assembled and tested in the factory before being delivered as a complete unit, as well as systems that can be transported in individual sections in standard containers, making them ideal for international transport.

The Ecopure® RTO (regenerative thermal oxidation) achieves purification of over 99.8%, and is thus state of the art. The efficient system comes in different sizes from 3,000 to over 300,000 m³/h. Combined with a Dürr heat recovery system, previously unused energy released by the solvents during the combustion process can be returned to the process as heat, cold, or electricity. Instead of escaping from the chimney as exhaust air, the energy is used for process heating or for building services. This not only reduces primary energy consumption and therefore energy costs, an Ecopure® RTO combined with an efficient heat recovery system actually makes an exhaust air purification system productive and therefore a supplier of energy.

Visitors to ICE Europe 2019 in Munich can find out more about the joint portfolio of Dürr, LTB and Megtec in hall A6 at booth 600.

Hot-air flotation dryer for converting and coating applications

Ecopure® RTO by Dürr achieves purification of over 99.8%