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Take advantage of our experience to find the right solutions for your specific requirements

There are many good reasons for upgrading your plant:

  • New product introduction

  • New process requirements

  • New production requirements

  • Capacity changes, optimiztion of cycle time

  • Plant operating hours

  • Energy / waste / CPU reductions

  • General refurbishment

  • Equipment / system upgrades

  • Audit customer's plant to recommend opportunities for cost savings

  • Relocation of complete plants

  • Functional additions

A plant upgrade usually not only increases cost-effectiveness, but also provides for a higher uptime reliability and easier maintenance of the plant systems.

Automated process: Hood opener with car body

We offer the following services already at planning stage:

  • System analysis, operating characteristics and identification of areas for improvement or upgrade with root cause analysis

  • Development of the new concept/ solution 

  • Preparation of a detailed proposal tailored to meet the specific customer goals

After completion of the upgrade we will provide:

  • Production support for optimization
  • Base line/ commissioning data operating confirmation
  • Project documentation and customer training
  • Review of the project results and any further recommendations for upgrades or enhancements

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