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Ecopure® FGA

Ecopure® FGA

Ecopure® FGA Scrubbing Systems can be used to remove gaseous inorganic pollutants and particles from flue gases downstream of a thermal oxidizer.

Particles are separated using filtering separators such as baghouse filters or electrostatic precipitators. Dry and wet processes are available for separating gaseous constituents of exhaust gases. In many cases, wet flue gas scrubbers are installed and equipped with a quench for flue gas cooling as well as single or multi stage scrubbing columns. Chemicals such as caustic soda are used for the neutralization of the scrubbing water.

If the flue gases contain a high content of halogens such as hydrogen chloride or hydrogen fluoride, these can be recovered as concentrated halogen hydracids. For this purpose, the hydrogen halides are scrubbed from the exhaust gases with pure water in an absorber. Depending on the halogen hydracids concentration in the exhaust gases, a concentration of up to 30% can be achieved in the scrubbing acid.

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