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Ecopure® CTO - efficient RTO technology for lower flow volumes

A “Lean Line” concept based on the Ecopure® RTO was developed especially for industrial operations with low exhaust air volumes. The result is a compact system called Ecopure® CTO.
The Ecopure® CTO plants are available in four sizes with cleaning capacities from approx. 5,000 Nm³/h to approx. 19,000 Nm³/h exhaust air. 
A high level of standardization simultaneously minimizes the engineering work, the production costs and the assembly and commissioning costs without compromising the high DÜRR quality the customer has come to know.
Equipment from the Ecopure® CTO series uses the main components that have proven their worth many hundreds of times over in Ecopure® RTO plants.

The CTO is fully pre-installed mechanically and electrically on a base frame at the factory and is delivered ready to be connected.
Thanks to the complete preassembly, the system can be set up on site in less than half of a day. Subsequent commissioning requires only making the media connections for gas, compressed air and electricity in addition to the exhaust-air and purified-air connections.

Each size is available both as an especially economical two-tank version and as a three-tank version for maximum cleaning efficiency. 
The CTO is suitable for both indoor and outdoor installation.
As with the RTO plant, various equipment options make the CTO suitable for lot of branches.

Ecopure® CTO
Ecopure® CTO

The Ecopure® CTO 100 is designed so that fits, completely pre-assembly, in a standard shipping container.

Ecopure® CTO
Ecopure® CTO

The Ecopure® CTO series 3008, 3012 and 3016 are delivered completely pre-assembled.

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