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Ecopure® RL - Ecopure® RTO in rotary unit with small place requirement

Ecopure® RL
Ecopure® RL

The Dürr Ecopure®RL rotary regenerative thermal oxidizers are available in pre-engineered sizes for 3,700 SCFM to 60,000 SCFM process systems. With a compact, rugged design, the unique Ecopure®RL rotary valve Ecopure®RTO is our most advanced and cost-effective way to control VOCs, HAPs and odors from industrial process exhaust streams.



Ecopure® RL - operating mode
Ecopure® RL - operating mode

Ecopure® RL systems feature 99% destruction efficiency on all units due to its inherent and unique incorporation of purge air.  The Ecopure® RL’s state of the art combustion controls include a low NOx burner as standard equipment and an optional feature of Natural Gas Injection (NGI).  The standard package features a forced draft fan arrangement that reduces motor size and electrical cost, but an induced draft fan arrangement is available as a option.  The Ecopure® RL is skid-mounted and shipped in as few sections as possible for reduced installation time and costs.  

Three common valve sizes for entire design range
Ecopure® RTO Ecopure® RL systems are used in a broad range of industrial applications:

  • Chemical processing
  • Coil coating
  • Coating
  • Food processing
  • Laminating
  • Metal decorating
  • Odor control applications
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing
  • Printing and converting
  • Semiconductor manufacturing
  • Soil and water remediation
  • Spray painting
  • Vinyl floor manufacturing
  • Wood products
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