Product Overview


Paint Systems Automotive

The "Paint Systems Automotive" is our unit dedicated to the construction and production of the typical turn-key plants used in automotive industry for large volumes and intensive productions.


Paint Systems Industrial

OLPIDÜRR delivers painting systems for industrial products of many different types and size, as well as requesting diversified surface treatments.

Our activities in the field of industrial surface treatments are backed up by the sharing of experience and know-how of the companies that joined the DÜRR Group in the course of the years.



Clean Technology Systems

Clean Technology Systems (CTS) is a business unit of the Dürr Group and a global leader in the design and construction of VOC abatement plants, offering new technologies for energy recovery from industrial emissions and exhaust gases.

Clean Technology


Automation of Industrial Systems

Olpidürr's internal team of specialists ensures the entirely in-house development of control and supervision software specifically for the entire paint lines.

So, customers no longer need to procure individual control systems for certain plant units and their linking to the process control software, as in the case of conveyance systems.


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