Energy Saving

The DÜRR Group has developed innovative solutions for an efficient use of energy in the painting process and not only.

These solutions apply to both new plants and existing production lines that are brought back to new life retrieving their competitiveness and fast financial returns through the rational energy consumption and the reduction of the overall operation costs.


The most frequent technical solutions adopted for more efficient energy use, and commonly gathered under the umbrella of "energy saving" are the following

  • Heat recovery from the exhaust line of the spray booths by means of static or dynamic air/air heat exchangers or by using two-phase fluids as energy carrier
  • Heat recovery from exhaust line of the kilns by means of static or dynamic air/air heat exchangers, air/warm water or hot water, steam or thermal oil or two-phase fluids
  • Heat recovery from VOC oxidation systems (afterburners) by means of air/air heat exchangers, air/warm water or hot water, steam, or thermal oil or eventual cascaded combinations thereof
  • Combined heat and cold production by means of direct expansion systems mainly in spray booths with air recirculation systems and wet abatement units using cold fluids to condensate the humidity in the recirculation air
  • Chilled water production from the high-temp exhaust lines of kilns and/or afterburners by means of lithium bromide adsorption chillers
  • Heat recovery from the refrigeration lines of the E-coat baths



Energy calculation tool

Energy calculation with example of booth - course of action 

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