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EcoDry X –
deliberately simple and robust paint overspray mist separation

EcoDry X filter trolleys

The EcoDry X multi-stage dry paint overspray mist separation system is ideally suited for applying primers, base coats and clear coats. It is based on filter trolleys with very easy to replace disposable cardboard filters. The innovative, semi-automatic and robust system can be used both for new construction and the conversion of your existing plant.

The filter trolleys used here permit quick filter replacement, even during production. Doing so manually undocks the changing trolley with saturated filter boxes and replaces it with a prepared trolley with new filter boxes. This makes it possible to replace the filter boxes in a predictable, fast and easy way. This results in efficient and reliable production as well as simple plant maintenance.

The cost-effective system does not require water or chemicals. In contrast to wet separation, this eliminates paint sludge disposal. With reduced CO2 emissions and minimized energy consumption, EcoDry X stands for a sustainable system.

Your benefits:

  • Easy operation and maintenance
  • More than 60 tested paints
  • Intelligent filter management
  • digital@DÜRR compatible
  • Dürr filter box as benchmark
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