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EcoSmart AC –
Optimal Control of Air Supply and Air Recirculation Units

The intelligent control system EcoSmart AC from Dürr permits precise and robust control of temperature and relative humidity in spray booths. This is the prerequisite for optimal paint finishing.

EcoSmart AC opens up new possibilities for efficient temperature and humidity control. Automated setpoint selection and higher-level control of all modules allow the plant to be flexibly adapted to suit customer-specific requirements.

Precise control and automated selection save energy – particularly in regions with extreme climatic conditions and during the transition periods between summer and winter.

EcoSmart AC can be used virtually anywhere. It is supplied with a separate control unit, making it largely independent of the PLC used (Siemens, Mitsubishi, Rockwell, Schneider).

Ideal for new and existing plants

EcoSmart AC can be used universally in air supply and air recirculation units. It is not just suitable for numerous PLC variants, but also for any air supply unit configurations (gas, hot water, cold water, humidifier).

Your Benefits

  • Precise and stable control of temperature and relative humidity
  • Shorter reaction time in response to rapidly changing outside conditions
  • Lower energy consumption through automatic setpoint selection in the process window and low control tolerances
  • Automatic process control without manual intervention
  • Suitable for new and existing plants
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