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Ecopaint Booth –
Modular spray booths for all requirements

Modern spray booths, like e.g. EcoReBooth, are noted for their modular design and offer optimum conditions with regard to space requirement, capacity and throughput time.
Different paint properties, the transfer efficiency levels of each application technology used, but different workpiece geometries as well mean that some of the atomized paint does not reach the surface of the bodies. This paint mist is “filtered out” of the booth process air as so-called overspray.

With its innovative EcoDryScrubber and EcoDry X scrubber family of solutions, as well as the classic EcoEnvirojet wet separation system, Dürr offers a requirement-based selection of each best system.

With its EcoDryScrubber, Dürr has been relying on a resource-saving and environmentally friendly solution combined with maximum availability since 2008. This dry separation of paint mist requires no water and chemicals and is operated in recirculated air mode. Powdered limestone (CaCO3), a 100% natural product, is used as its filtration medium. This makes the EcoDryScrubber the first solution worldwide to meet the demands of a modern, efficient and environmentally friendly separation process.

EcoDry X
As an alternative to its EcoDryScrubber, Dürr also offers the EcoDry X system. Filter boxes made from cardboard are used here as the filtration medium. The manual, mechanical system stands for particularly simple handling.

The classic method, which is still used in special cases today, is wet separation. It is based on the use of water and chemicals, as well as complete fresh and exhaust air operation of the spray booths. The EcoEnvirojet 3S is recommended for low overall heights.


  • individual solutions
  • standardized interfaces
  • standardized parts and pre-assembled components
  • quick planning phases, shorter production start-up times
  • high process reliability and quality

By means of a prior process-oriented simulation, Dürr ensures the best possible implementation of the processes and their individual adaptation. In addition, we support you with our know-how throughout the entire process chain, from delivery, air conditioning (EcoSmart AC), exhaust air treatment to heat recovery, as well as handling of the filtration medium (procurement up to disposal).

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