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EcoC-IC –
Process optimized and maintenance friendly

C-IC stands for "Convection with Integrated Conveyor". This oven consists of individual compact oven modules whose roller bed is integrated into the floor. Apart from the drives installed outside the booth, all conveyor elements are installed under the bottom plate in a space-saving manner. This reduces the oven cross-section and thus any thermal losses to the environment.

The car body is heated up with precision since it is transported by the individual conveying drives quickly from one air nozzle field to the other. If necessary, underground ducts can be integrated into the oven floor between the conveyor system . Its air nozzles, which can be distributed over the entire width of the work zone, can be used to optimally dry the car body from below. This way, Dürr ensures that the entire car body is heated up in a controlled manner.

The EcoC-IC oven with integrated roller bed and optional floor nozzles

Besides its optimized curing process, the EcoC-IC oven impresses because it is easy to install and maintain. Its modular design permits a high degree of pre-assembly and thus faster on-site installation. Its closed conveyor system prevents dirt from entering the curing area from the conveyors, and the smooth surfaces of the EcoC-IC are easy to clean.

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