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Ecopaint Oven –
Modular drying systems for hardening and protection

The drying process is used to cure coatings and to turn the paint finish into a perfect surface. Dürr delivers appropriate systems for each stage along the painting line: for gelling, intermediate drying and drying processes.

We plan and implement new installations and extend or modernize existing systems according to your requirements using the latest technology:

Dürr ovens are modular built systems which are based on standardized individual components. They are delivered as completely pre-assembled modules. In this way we speed up installation and commissioning.

Ecopaint Oven modules for optimized total systems:

  • Oven tunnels with various heat transfer systems
  • Air and gas recirculation units
  • Fresh air supply and heating systems
  • Exhaust air purification systems
  • Cooling zones
  • Integrated conveyor systems
  • Variable fresh and exhaust air
  • Low volume air seal


  • High first run rates irrespective of body shape and material thickness
  • Low maintenance operation
  • Little heat loss
  • Integrated conveyor equipment
  • Fast installation and commissioning
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