Sales MES & Controls

Felix Losch
Tel: +49 7142 78 3265


MES & Controls in China

Xiaojun (Ken) Xie
Tel: +86 21 3979-1596


MES & Controls in North America

Hector Aguilera
Tel: +1 248 450-2328


iTAC.MES.Suite – Smart Data Analytics

When moving into the realm of IOT solutions the MES System plays a key role in providing structured, product specific data to the analytics tools. iTAC.MES.Suite Smart Data Analytics provides the foundation for comprehensive, state-of-the-art correlation analytics and fault pattern identification.

In combination with software tools from the ADAMOS GmbH portfolio, the maintenance department has access to dedicated automotive trend analytics, pattern recognition tools, root-cause scenarios and data correlation algorithms. With these purpose-made solutions, maintenance tasks become more predictable and downtimes are reduced thanks to advanced warnings.

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